Europe Trip – 2

Eventually we met 7 partners in Europe this time.

To the European customers, BORG and Hutech products should be more available through these our partners sometime soon.


Demonstrating SS-one KODO controller with EQ5 mount at Telescope Service in Germany.

Now TS and Lacerta own KODO controller at their shop. If someone are interested in it, please contact them. They should demonstrate for you.

I decided to resume Larceta MGEN standalone autoguider as well their new focuser controller  – MFOC.


A motor unit was set onto BORG 55FL I brought by Lacerta shop.


I brought one for myself and start playing around to learn. There are DSLR ports to synchronize with MGEN Autoguider to adjust the timing between re-focusing and exposure.

One of great features for Lacerta MFOC is the imaging session is temporarily stopped during re-focusing by the temperature change. So the controller measure the latest temperature and re-focus if necessary. During that, the exposure doesn’t begin. The temperature probe is included as standard.

Also the controller allows to pre-set each focus point filter by filter without PC too. This is an another smart controller like MGEN as standalone unit.

MGEN and MFOC will be available from Hutech soon.

I took 3 different trains – OBB (Austria), SBB (Switzerland) and DB (Germany). As expected, the Vienna-Zurich route through Salzburg and Innsbruck was really the beautiful scenery. The train was passing through the textbook glacier-made U-shape valley until Zurich.

And AOK Swiss’s home town – Lucern. Great lakes and mountains!!

And missing trains this time.

TGV serving between Paris and Zurich. This should be a next train I should take.  I took 1st generation ICE before. I’m curious how the latest one is. The train trip in Europe was really fun for me. I love that!!


~ by tedishikawa on June 1, 2018.

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