Europe Trip -1, PHASEONE

It was wonderful time during travel in Europe. Although one of our flights was cancelled, we managed to go all well on schedule anyway. Weather was entirely so good. Actually much warmer than southern California. And as expected, all of beers are tasteful!! Hot weather naturally pushed me to have them more.

One of main purposes for Europe was to visit to PHASEONE.

These are an actual test shot.


The target is inappropriate. But this was the only place to avoid vibration from the road. So this image purpose here is to show the evidence of the actual shots only.

This is 100MP RAW image – 125MB!!. Fully illuminated entire 67mm diagonal sensor. At least no mechanical light cut-off. Since there was no flat target there and BORG scope is very thin depth of the field, I can’t examine image distortion of each corner. Although I can’t show the full resolution image here, the focused area is cleanly resolved in 100% mode as expected. I didn’t take a daytime shot through this scope before. So I was a bit surprised how good this optics’s sharpness and color contrast are. Probably PHASEONE people instantly realized those too.

Anyway, they satisfied BORG optical performance and we both have agreed to more closely work together for mutual business developments from now on. First step will be to send the loaner units each other for further test and study, and creating the marketing image materials for both of us.

And besides Schneider lenses, eventually BORG two optics (107FL F3.9ED and 90FL F3.9ED) will be added as their lens lineup one day. Schneider’s longest focal length is currently 240mm. If some PHASEONE users will be looking for the longer, BORG will be the option for them.

BTW, this is PHASEONE new camera incorporating SONY’s latest back-illuminated 100MP sensor – 55mm diagonal.


I guess Fujifilm will release a new GFX camera with this sensor sometime soon. I deeply WISH one day this type of camera will be available at reasonable price (at least affordable to me). I believe this should be the perfect sensor for astronomical camera some day.

BTW, this was a bag for 107FL to keep shouldering the entire European travel 10 days and took it into the aircraft cabin all the time without any trouble.


I’m sure this should be only one scope as 4″-plus airline-transportable telescope. I made the proof for that myself.



~ by tedishikawa on May 31, 2018.

2 Responses to “Europe Trip -1, PHASEONE”

  1. As a current user of Phase One XF & IQ3100 back I’m very interested in astro application of the camera.

    • Hi Craig, thanks for your post. I saved your web site. So I will contact you once all parts including PhaseOne camera adapter will be commercially available. Thanks again for your serious interest.

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