Office Close Until May 29th & IDAS UIBAR-III Filter

My office will be closed until May 29th for my European tour. E-mail is still reachable to me although there might be some response delay.

A couple of interesting new items are expected to be coming up shortly. I will announce after my coming back from Europe.

Last stock of IDAS UBAR-III came in stock.

This filter was originally designed for the replacement filter (called “Type 1b) for Canon camera. So the design and production were fully cared as IDAS best efforts to extremely minimize the internal reflection with the sensor. In fact, one of highest quality as UV/IR blocking filter. As shown the above, steep cuts at both sides while maintaining maximum transmission (again this is the production measurement). This was why Hutech Type 1b filter installed Canon camera were well known as the one creating clean star edge. Now 48mm is available at $169.00 as last units. Unfortunately all other sizes have been gone.

If someone are looking for better solution to reduce the reflections or the halos, this should be the answer.







~ by tedishikawa on May 18, 2018.

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