New Accessories

Following parts are now in stock.

Part # HXYSDL : $169.00

This is a low profile XY stage with Vixen-compatible saddle.

Azimuth : +/- 20 degree

Altitude : 20 degree



This can be taken apart into two.  This means each can be used independently.


Saddle 440g

XY Stage 430g

Saddle’s multiple hole parts including M8 35mm separation allows to fit onto many mounts.

Also the stage allows to set a plain plate as well. This should be lower and lighter setup.


The solid stage with a saddle should be good value.  Highly recommended for comet nucleus guiding and total solar eclipse imaging etc.

Part # HHDL : $35.00


This makes the scope carrying and setting on a mount more comfortable. 3 holes at a handle handle setting an extra accessory like a finder and a guider at the top.  Thanks BORG mounting rings, which allow me to set a guider at side.

Probably more valuable for bulkier scopes.


~ by tedishikawa on May 8, 2018.

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