BORG Binoscopes & New 55FL F3.6 Body

I totally renewed BORG binoscope systems. Now 2″ focusers are standard. So this allows to basically use same optical systems with both EMS 2″ and EMS 1.25″ unlike previous versions. Only difference in-between is with an extension tube or without.



2″ focusers as standard

These are same focusers I announced before. This allows for the silky-smooth focusing for high power planetary twin-viewing.

And furthermore, each system price has been dramatically reduced too. Check back to Hutech price list.

BORG 55FL F3.6 is only 200mm focal length, which always requires the mechanical challenge. This is one solution.


This new body comes with a Vixen-compatible plate and a convenient riser-leg which gives us a plenty of the clearance for a camera.  This is made by AOK Swiss. So for European customers who are interested, please contact Beat at AOK Swiss.

Previous ugly version was;


This also requires a mounting ring and most likely a riser block additionally. So I’m sure new version should be really more convenient and nice shape.

Setup with a motor.


And with a guide camera. It’s not ideal though. I hope it will be still solid enough.


~ by tedishikawa on May 7, 2018.

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