SS-one EQ-5(LX-70) Complete Set

The launching schedule and the price have been set as follows;

Launch : middle of May

Price : $1,295.00 as introductory price. (The regular will be $1,495.00)eq5kodo

  1. SS1LX70 : $1,295.00
  2. The set includes Meade LX70 equatorial mount, pre-installed hybrid stepper motors, polar camera, KODO controller and all cables.
  3. DSLR cable is available at $15.00 as option. Specify a camera.
  4. KODO’s hardware restrictions and requirements are;
  • Autoguider : SS-one or any ZWO camera currently available.
  • Dithered imaging camera : Any DSLR/mirrorless.  ZWO cameras can be dithered with an optional image capture at this moment.
  • North pole only for polar alignment.
  • Motorized focusers will be supported near future.

Hutech is looking for 3 reviewers. $300 will be credited back to each person after reviewed.

KODO controller and polar camera are sold separately.

KODO : $595.00 / Polar camera : $169.00

Premium hybrid motors achieve quick response during auto-guiding.


With solid housings. Well made.


LX70 mount with BORG 107FL F3.9ED and SS-one AG camera. A square AG camera body and plate were firmly set. So it can be used as a handle. 


~ by tedishikawa on April 30, 2018.

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