NEAF -2, 71FL Prime Focus & 0.7x Reducer (#7872)

One of Hutech customers – Jim Hendrickson sent the link to his great image gallery for NEAF.


It covers the entire NEAF event!! So I thought it should be very beneficial to the people who missed it. Enjoy NEAF with his image gallery. It’s really fun to look around!!

Following is the 71FL prime focus test shot by Mouri Rosenthal.


He was using a coma corrector. So strictly speaking, it is not prime focus. But it should be close enough to judge since it doesn’t correct chromatic and spherical aberrations. This should be good example how to show 71FL’s native optical performance as the fluorite objective lens anyway. I agree this is really the great M51 shot even taken through only 400mm focal length telescope.

About 0.7x super reducer – 7872, due to rapidly increasing market demand, 7872 has been quickly sold out. Next production lot will be available early of August. So it’s huge missing time. Sorry for that. But don’t worry, I suggestion 1.08x field flattener instead. Fortunately, 7108’s focal point is very similar to 7872. So The entire system is basically same between 7872 and 7108. That’s convenient. When 7872 will be ready, you can simply replace 7108 with 7872. I plan to prepare 7108 packages for 71FL and 90FL, like  F4 set.

Here is one example of the performance by 90FL + 7108.


90FL + 7108 + modified 6D by Ara san

7108 is a multi flattener is a convenient optical tool which works from 300mm to 800mm focal length. (55FL’s 250mm is still OK too) Some adapters at both ends allow to work with non-BORG refractors and most of cameras available today. So it is not a temporary item until next 7872 will be coming up again to the market.


~ by tedishikawa on April 27, 2018.

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