Several BORGs

Long-time BORG user in Hon Kong, Wei Lee upgraded his 50Ach bino to 55FL recently. See his nice setup. He uses dual-axes micro adjuster stage for the mechanical collimation.

Also he added a supporting plate onto a single fork mount to minimize shaking. According to Wei, obviously improved.  That should be great idea. I should feedback to BORG too. Wei, enjoy crispy sharp binoscope viewing with 55FLs.

BORG active player – Sam Berrada sent his recent shot taken in Chile again. Very nice composing. The Mars was perfectly lined up between M8 and M20.


This is Jupiter shot taken with 90FL. Great contrasty image!


90FL + 5x Barlow + ASI 120MC by Yukinov in Tokyo

And I was enjoying following 71FL with a new R&P focuser last weekend. The focuser  easily handled these heavy items. Unlike BORG 2″ holder, a compressing ring completely secures holding a diagonal. This is very good focuser at less than half price of FTF. This should be the primary focuser for all of BORG Series 80 systems from now on. Highly recommended!


Also new BORG Bino sets include these focusers too.


~ by tedishikawa on April 16, 2018.

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