M77.6 R & P Focuser

This should give BORG users more focuser options.  A new R&P focuser for BORG scope is now available from Hutech. Specs are

  • M77.6 at the objective side
  • M57 at the camera side
  • 1:10 fine control knob
  • Rotational unit
  • 1″ focus travel
  • Braking system
  • Fine baffle finish inside drawtube
  • Various attachment options

Focuser itself is solid and very smooth, which fully meets visual and imaging requirements.


Following picture shows when 0.72x reducer is set with 90FL. I will prepare for this configuration as a new package, which gives you the much lower cost option over the FTF-M57 while maintaining similar quality and performance.

M688 Focuser 1

With an optional 2″ holder


With an adapter converting to M48, or to M42(T-thread) as well


And lastly with a motor unit. ASCOM-compatible.


Both a motorized focuser and a regular type will be displayed at NEAF. Please stop by Hutech and take a close look around them.

~ by tedishikawa on April 13, 2018.

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