SS-one Polar Camera

SS-one polar camera is the PC-less electric polar alignment tool. It works with KODO® controller or AG Element. I’m enjoying it with a following portable mount I borrowed from a friend. Fortunately I found out a proper bracket to set a camera. A conventional optical polar scope was included in standard.  But this method eliminates the optical polar scope’s axis issue, which is generally quite common and annoying.


A camera is compact and lightweight. It has 1/4″-20 at rear. So it gives us more possibilities to attach onto most of mounts, or it fits PoleMaster adapter as well along with a special round plate available as option.

Part # : SS-PC / price : $169.00

SS-PC is not designed for southern hemisphere sky.


BTW, I love this mount. Solid and steady. Alt-az base is well designed too, which allows to adjust from zero to 50 degree latitude. Also the Vixen-compatible saddle base works as XY stage to align two scopes if it is set the stop of a main scope. Accordingly to the manufacturer, they are currently working for a next model which has autoguider port. I’m looking forward to it for myself.



~ by tedishikawa on April 11, 2018.

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