SS-one Vixen GPA Kit

Here is the SS-one conversion procedure for Vixen GP(D) mounts. This gives your old Vixen mounts 100x GOTO capability plus all KODO’s key features.



As described on the manual, the entire process are straight forward. So nothing challenged at all.

Part # SS-GPA : $795.00

The kit comes with a KODO controller, cables, motors and wires. All necessary parts are included. A power cable interface is a cigarette light plug as standard.


Keep in mind, KODO controller is a smart utility tool, which works with other mounts by changing cables and motor/gear parameter. So the controller included in GPA kit is not dedicated to Vixen mounts, but also functional for other possible mounts if you wish to switch near future. So this should be good value overall and on long term basis.

Polar camera is optional.

We are currently working on KODO manual.





~ by tedishikawa on April 3, 2018.

One Response to “SS-one Vixen GPA Kit”

  1. Hello, can SS-one use on old MIZAR EX-1 mount?

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