SS-one/Sky Watcher EQ5 System

This is 1st SS-one complete system with a mount. The complete set will be commercially available from Hutech or Hutech authorized dealers middle of this month. A mount shown below is Meade LX-70, but EQ5 and any of EQ5 clones work with a KODO controller.


Features ;

  • No PC required for guiding, polar alignment and dithered imaging
  • Premium hybrid stepper motors for quick responses during guiding
  • Polar camera as standard achieves precise polar alignment within a couple of minutes
  • 300x quiet slew motion
  • Dithered imaging with all of DSLRs currently available in the market
  • Works with ZWO Image Capture DX for ZWO dithering
  • Compatible with SkySafari through a smartphone or a tablet
  • Upgrade kit available without a mount for a current EQ5 owner



Unlike my expectation, EQ5 mount is surprisingly lightweight, but very solid. Mechanically very well-made. The weight and solidness are my personal taste. The solid shape and smooth gears along with modern hybrid motors and a smart controller give you high quality imaging without compromise at the reasonable cost. Highly recommended!! Tripod is very steady too. But I feel it’s a bit bulky. So I might consider something of the way for more portable tripod.

This will be demonstrated at NEAF.

And a following is my Ted special mount system. I’m sure there is no 2nd unit anywhere, even in Japan. I converted PM-1’s DEC unit into RA single tracking. Because of originally DEC, it has no polar scope inside. So I added a polar camera in front. AG Element allows for polar alignment as well as auto guiding.





~ by tedishikawa on April 2, 2018.

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