I start receiving the feedback on LPS-D2 filter from many customers.

All are almost same as expected. One of customers mentions that he gave up LRGB imaging at his location because of the light-polluted sky. So he did narrowband imaging there before. But now he has realized LPS-D2 allows to do LRGB at same place. This comment encourages us a lot to try new things. Yes, for me, LPS-D2 should be a primary filter at my backyard too.

This new filter have been already shipped to most of IDAS dealers all over the world. So please contact your favorite local shop if you are interested. It should be in stock at most of places.  We are now shipping 2nd production lot after 1st one has been sold out quickly. Canon body-mounted filters will get available sometime next month. For Canon users, please stay tuned here.

Keep in mind, the result depends on the sky condition. LPS-D2 is not always best. Still LPS-P2 or D1 might work better depending on a kind of the sky. So check out what kind of light pollution source your sky is first.



~ by tedishikawa on March 21, 2018.

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