SS-one Controllers

After field-testing over several months or more, we have determined the final specs and price of each commercial unit as follows;


  1. We were originally expecting to include the autoguiding function in ZWO capture as well, so that it allows for the dithered imaging by itself. But due to the software uncertainty between ZWO camera driver and controller, we have decided to remove the autoguiding function from ZWO capture. So it will be the image capturing only for the time being.
  2. KODO has 2-ch shutter trigger ports. See an example. A picture shows one port for ZWO Image Capture and another for DSLR. 0316b This way allows for the dithered imaging. DSLR doesn’t require any extra unit.
  3. AG Element is commercially available. Other two will be within a couple of month.
  4. KODO works at 5V unless motor controls are used.
  5. The 1st production of SS-one mount – Expedition, I understand many are seriously interested in, will have further delay. I will let you know here as soon as the production schedule will be finally set.





~ by tedishikawa on March 16, 2018.

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