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It’s been for a while since my last post. I came back to the town last weekend. My Asian tour was really successful and fruitful. I appreciate all of persons who supported me there. Thank you so much!! Now a lot of things to do have been piled up at my desk. I have to work hard to catch up…..

Hong Kong BORG dealer – Peter Lee made RoboFocus brackets. This is my setup with 7875 M75 focuser.  Quite easy to firmly set and align.


With 7835 (shown above in a picture)


I will start carrying two kits for BORG 7875 and 7835 users. This should be the economical solutions for motorized setup. Each rubber belt pitch perfectly fits a focuser’s rubber. I highly recommend these setup.

And at a customer place in China. All Star lineup of Japanese Astrographs.


From left : BORG 107FL F3.9ED, FSQ-106,  Pentax 100SDUFII, FSQ-130 and Vixen VSD





~ by tedishikawa on March 13, 2018.

7 Responses to “Back To Office”

  1. Hey Ted,

    Welcome home! Glad you had a safe trip.

    Those are some really lovely scopes you picture.

    The Pentax 100SDUFII is no longer manufactured since Pentax went out of the refractor scope business several years ago.

    I have its little brother, the now-collectable Pentax 75 SDHF with a FTF 2025 on it. That focuser has a MotoFocus drive. Great scope, and well equipped.

    I have actually considered selling it since I now have my Borg 71FL, 90FL, and 100ED. If you know of any interest in my scope, please pass it on to me. I also have the original Pentax focuser and clamshells for it. I keep it in a Stellarvue case

    It certainly has been well taken care of and has no deficiencies. No accidents with it, either.



    • Perry,

      Can you prepare for a couple of pictures? so that I can mention them at my blog. Yes, I understand Pentax 75SDHF is a premium scope too. I think this was originally sold with the mount. No mount?


      • Hey Ted,

        The scope was not sold with a mount. I saw 2, maybe 3, ads for one on Astromart during the time I was looking around for a good Japanese scope.

        As I remember, none was being sold with a mount.

        The one I purchased came stock and with the Pentax clamshell rings. I made the FTF/MotoFocus mod after getting it.

        The scope is at our getaway up in the NC mountains near Hendersonville. I’ll be back up there at the end of this month. I can send you some pictures then.

        I might have one on one of my computers. If so, I’ll send it as an email attachment to you.

        Best regards to you and Mia,


  2. Hi Ted, I like Peter Lee’s RoboFocus bracket design, and it made me think. My main issue with the 78xx helical focusers is that they do not respond kindly to heavier eyepieces when used with a diagonal for visual use. There is a small piece that looks like a Nylon setscrew about halfway between the mount screws and the drive belt, apparently touching the fixed part of the focuser. Is it there to provide a counter-force to unload the helical threads? If so, I can see this bracket design could have other uses.

    Looking forwards to seeing you at NEAF!

    Best Regards, Keith Murdock

    • Keith

      A white plastic tip supports a bracket to prevent it from bending or flexture.

      You can see at NEAF.


  3. Peter does awesome work.

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