Gorgeous Orion Constellation thru BORG 90FL F4 & CP+ Japan

One of an experienced BORG users in Canada – Sam Berrada shared his recent achievement with us. His picture was picked as Photo of the Week by SkyNews magazine. See his beautiful image.


BORG 90FL F4 + Canon 6DH

Congratulations!! Sam. Let us keep enjoying your wonderful image more.

Besides BORG scope, this image proves how Canon 6DH creates clean image. One of biggest advantages for Hutech-modified camera is to minimize the internal reflection between the sensor and a filter. Take close look at some of bright stars. You should be able to see how the filter suppresses the reflections. It fully depends on the quality and the location of its filter.

I will leave for Japan tonight and be out of country almost 2 week for visiting other Asian countries. CP+ – the photographic show in Japan will begin from this Thursday.


I will be there and post the big announcement BORG plans from Japan. Please stay tune here.  Before the show, many camera manufacturers already announced new attractive cameras. Personally I’m looking forward to playing around all of them there.

And I’m curious if SONY and PANASONIC display their planned new sensors at CP+. If they do, these should be coming up some day as the real commercial products.

SONY medium format sensors


PANASONIC 36MP organic photo-conductive film sensor


As far as I know,  the organic sensor has been developed with Fujifilm. I feel this looks the future of the imaging sensor. Very much looking forward to them. These must be the big game-changer.


~ by tedishikawa on February 27, 2018.

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