BORG 7108 (1.08x Flattener) & 55FL Visual Setup

Probably many of 7108 users might have had same trouble like me and my friend Jim. 7108’s original thumbscrew is nice, easy to adjust the lens distance. But it is meanwhile exactly same size/shape as a camera rotator’s thumbscrews too, and they are generally set very close each other. So we accidentally loosen 7108’s thumbscrew at the dark site. So Jim tried to find out the no-more-waste-of-time solution and gave me some today.


This is original and following is the solution.


A nylon tip doesn’t stress the lens much and scratch either. And shown above, it goes deep enough from the surface once completely tightened. So no access at the dark at all. I’m sure some had same. So I wanted to share this info with someone. If not easy to find, let me know. I keep some extra all the time for you.

Thank you so much, Jim. This is really nice solution. No worried about mishandling any more.

Serious visual observer – Craig Scogin sent me a picture for his ultimate portable setup. After changing configurations or focusers by himself, eventually he found out his most favorite configuration.


Cool!! All blacks! very nice, Craig. Enjoy visual observing with your own beautiful system.



~ by tedishikawa on February 26, 2018.

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