IDAS LPS-D2 Now In Stock

It came in yesterday. LPS-D2 is the industry-first light pollution suppression filter to be designed to fight with the modern light pollution – white LED.

I did some brief comparison test after the moon was set last night, actually this morning. These were taken with ASI 183MC and SS-one ZWO capture. The capture has no color adjustment control. So each was real native color output from a camera without adjusting, if my understanding is correct.


LPS-D2, LPS-P2 & LPS-V4 (I’m not sure the order)

All are same exposure (1 minute) and gain. I pointed the scope to the worst sky from my backyard, which was Los Angles basin,

0224aNo Filter

And here is each result.

I’ve never seriously compared between with a filter and without. So I’m positively surprised how LPS filter suppresses the sky glow. Personally LPS-D2 more encourages me to use at my backyard. As expected, it looks allowing to increase more exposure at my backyard. LPS-V4 creates the darkest, which makes sense. But it is a basically narrowband nebula filter. So not suitable for broadband spectrum objects like galaxies. (Sometime I used LPS-V4 for galaxies to isolate Ha signal from others, just like Ha filter though. It worked. One day I will do for galaxies with D2 and V4)

We prepared for the LPS comparison page. (Move a cursor to each icon, so that you can see filter curves and light pollution lines individually. If icons show up below the plot, probably your browser view was zoomed-up. Please set back to 100% to view properly)


BTW, I didn’t pay attention to my backyard sky glow these years. But if my memory is correct, LA-direction WAS much more orange cast before, which probably was overwhelmed by sodium vapor. But I noticed last night, the sky was more whitish, probably mix with orange. So now I feel even LA uses white LED now, especially the business and industrial areas. Some experts should know and have data if so.

I forgot testing with DSLR. I will do accordingly.


~ by tedishikawa on February 24, 2018.

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