M51 & SS-one System -Touch Screen Concept

This was an another target I pointed to first time. Maybe too much for a small refractor.  Very hard to process!! Actually I need a large scope. Anyway this was M51 taken last night although the half moon was up there.


BORG 107FL F6 + ASI 183MC + IDAS LPS-P2-52, 30 x 5 minutes

After I start using a cooled one-shot color camera these days, I realized how much DSLR is easy to capture and process. Probably I’d better to check the gain or something. I’ve never adjusted.

BTW, I’m taking pictures almost every night these days because of enjoying. I feel so more than before. I was wondering why I feel so good. My guess is the touch panel screen. It’s very convenient in dark place. Pressing each button on an illuminated screen is very comfortable, especially for my getting-old eyes. The menu is limited. That’s fine. I don’t want to do many at the dark place.

I think this is the reason why I’m enjoying at backyard these days. SS-one system is reliable and simple to use. These are exactly what I need and like.

PC’s keyboard often frustrates me to find a correct keyboard button at the dark.  Touch screen itself is nothing special. But using it under the dark gets something special.

And friendly WiFi compatibility with a smartphone. Very nice concept, Nakazawa san!





~ by tedishikawa on February 22, 2018.

One Response to “M51 & SS-one System -Touch Screen Concept”

  1. Ted, do these controllers work with ASI 294mc pro as well ?. I have been debating to get either 294 or 183mc pro. Thanks

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