M81/M82 through BORG 107FL & ASI 183MC, Gorgeous Southern Hemisphere Sky

This looks an another perfect match for FOV and focal length/sensor. I think these targets might be 1st time I pointed at. I even didn’t think of trying before. ASI 183MC camera encouraged me to do. Thanks. Yes, these are objects for big scopes. But I wanted to challenge how much I can come close with a small refractor.

Yes, stars are quickly saturated with this camera. I accepted that before purchasing. I don’t mind. Instead, I picked the resolution.

Here is my last night result. I forgot turning on cooler. But fortunately it was chilly night even in southern California. m81a

 BORG 107FL F6 + ASI 183MC + LPS-P2-52, 20 x 4 minutes

Really small targets, more tiny and faint, especially M81 than I thought.  I look forward to re-try under the dark sky. BTW, followings were my last night setup at my backyard.

One of Hutech royal customers – Fred Eiserling sent one of his Australian trip pictures. Here is his gorgeous southern hemisphere nightscape shot.

0221e Canon 6DH + 24mm lens from his friend backyard

Beautiful, Fred! I wish to be there too……


~ by tedishikawa on February 21, 2018.

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