New IDAS Filter – LPS-D2 & Good-bye My SONY Camcorder

IDAS LPS filter were first designed as LPS-P1 in 1999. This was the industry-first multi-bandpass technology coating and really advanced design and concept that time, but isn’t obsolete even today at all. This must be still best as a broadband filter in the market. Several thousands high-end customers are currently using all over the world to improve their image under the light-polluted sky. I’m proud of providing this kind of premium quality filter into our community.

Also keep in mind, we have never had the quality issue from the beginning of the business. Nil!! That’s amazing. And all productions are so consistent in quality and performance. Very well controlled at Japanese factory all the time. I’m proud of that too! Thank you so much, IDAS and Aonuma san.

Now IDAS, a pioneer of the advanced filters, has made an another milestone in our industry, called LPS-D2. This new member of LPS family effectively suppresses high pressure sodium vapor lines and white LED spectrum. See following response curves. LPS-D2広告用0180209White LED is a new monster we, astronomers have to fight with. This is IDAS answer. This should be an another industry-first astronomical filter considered for the modern light pollution – white LED. You can see how LPS-D2 is blocking white LED spectrum.

One extra benefit is this filter reduces blue cast. See following my previous image.

0122aThis RAW image was taken with ASI 183MC without any color balance pre-setting. Probably most of one-shot CMOS cameras might be similar at color balance standpoint. LPS-D2 should decrease blue channel value, so that we can positively increase the exposure time. So I think this filter should work as UV/IR blocking filter even under the dark sky. I will test and see once I get 1st production lot.

LPS-D2 will be first available at 48mm and 52mm,  probably within a couple of weeks. Some other sizes/types are planned as well. Please stay tuned here for more details.

I “supposed to shoot” the video this morning as well. The camera was looking good and showing “recording”, and I achieved much larger image scale Jupiter finally. Adding 2nd scope was somehow helpful for the entire operation.


Now I realized there is no image data on the tape at all!! This was same tape as yesterday. I tested now. Same, no image. Probably recording head might be dead. This might be my last analog device. Good-bye oldies and thanks for letting me enjoying video shooting before. I wished to see today’s result at least since preview was looking good.

After using an old camcorder, I realize I like the consumer camera. Plan B is Panasonc mirrorless camera.





~ by tedishikawa on February 9, 2018.

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