Mars 08/24/2003 & SONY Camcorder

This was the Mars closest approach last time, 2003. I found out a cassette tape recorded that time. Here is the raw video. Fortunately one of my Windows XP machines has DV – 1394 port and XP Window Media Maker imported from this kind of old data on a tape. This was taken with BORG 150ED and SONY camcorder(Mini DV cassette!), but I’m not sure what eyepiece was used.

The camera says the video signal is NTSC. So I guess the analog recording and digital output. Probably this might be a camera in analog-to-digital transition time.

I didn’t do anything after taken. I recall I watched the video by CRT TV once.

BTW, according to camera specs, a sensor size is 3.8 mm (=1/4.7″ type). Probably it should be in diagonal of total 1M pixels. But in video mode, it is 690,000 pixels. So I guess the diagonal is approx. 2.66 mm in video mode. In above video, the Mars relative size against the diagonal looks 3 : 16.  Image scale is 0.5 mm!!, if my understanding and calculation is correct. Really tiny.

Anyway, this is my 1st processing attempt. I really appreciate Registax.


BORG 150ED + Eyepiece?? + SONY Handycam DCR-PC101 + BORG 7410 Adapter

I think the video was taken upside down. So this should be right.  Now I feel the collimated method is the another realistic option since camera’s optical zoom should be convenient. See the following setup. This was actually what I did 2003. Thank you BORG! They still have various “digi-scoping” adapters.


The SONY Handycam – DCR-PC101 still shows the modern industry design (at least to my eyes) even we see today. This camera must be the best example of SONY proprietary “mecha-tronics” product those days. Everything was packed in a small body. There are so many number of small mechanical moving parts inside to handle a cassette tape. A Lithium Ion battery pack is surprisingly still alive. Touch LCD screen. All are still fully functional. Carl Zeiss branded lens looks good as well. Only obsolete component might be an imaging sensor.

For a while, I will play around with this old SONY Handycam while listening the old-fashioned mechanical sounds. Unfortunately I threw away a memory stick already……


~ by tedishikawa on February 5, 2018.

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