EMS Black

EMS – the Erecting Mirror System invented by Tatsuro Matsumoto in Japan is now available in black color. The black body is at this moment only available as a pair of binoscope set.


I took 71FL Bino out and fine-tuned the platform today. Without adjusting mirrors, the platform allows to perfectly and quickly collimate two scopes. Now ready for high magnification binoscope viewing night time.

Personally I like EMS’s round-shape bodies instead of machined straight-cut types. See perfect match with Black BORG 71FL BINO.


A pioneer of the unique EMS – Matsumoto san continues to do the great job for providing the fine products to our industry.

Let’s enjoy observing the true (non-mirrored) faces of planets and all others. Memorizing right faces of the Mars this year will be very important.

PS. Attention to users who receive EMS BINO 1st time. 

Please avoid touching the mirror collimators during the initial telescope collimation alignment. As long as you use AOK Swiss’s platform, you don’t have to adjust mirrors under the low power viewing. My recommended steps are

  1. Align two scopes with AOK’s platform daytime as much as possible without touching mirrors. Straight shape structures like a house roof or an electric pole etc are relatively suitable.  You may increase the power for more fine-tuning. Why straight shape? This makes relatively easier to check image rotation. It’s not the case when you use 1st time though.
  2. Ideally under the night sky, better to double check with the infinity targets. The target distance is the matter for the collimation. So please finally re-tune with the infinity targets. If necessary, adjust the platform vertically and horizontally again.
  3. Then, time to have fun. This allows to enjoy high power planetary viewing at 200x and 300x magnification (in my experience). Theoretically more should be possible.

Keep in mind, mirrors are very delicate items and precisely aligned at the factory.  Don’t over-turn them. The key is how to minimize using mirror collimators. Please don’t under-estimate the platform. This is an anther key item for the binoscope success as well.

And keep EMS in good condition and enjoy high power binoscope viewing long time.

~ by tedishikawa on February 2, 2018.

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