BORG 125SD F3.9 & ASI 094MC

Scott Denning in Colorado, a long-time BORG user, sent his recent image with a new camera – ASI 094MC.

Wow! I lost words at a glance. So gorgeous indeed.


His comment on imaging data.
Here’s central Auriga with my Borg 125 SD f/3.9 and my new full-frame ZWO ASI094c shot over several nights during the last new moon. Shot with IDAS LP-V4 using Sequence Generator Pro on a Celestron CGE Pro with a tiny guide scope.
Combination of 24×15 minute and 27×7.5 minute shots, almost 9.4 hours of exposure. Darks, Bias, and flats applied, HDR combination and a lot of post processing in PixInsight. 
Loving this combination for wide-field work!
Congratulations! Scott and really beautiful!! Thanks for sharing with us.

~ by tedishikawa on January 30, 2018.

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