SS-one + EM10

Further test and my own operational practicing last night. 1st, I checked KODO controller with Canon 6D. This was just fine. And next dithering guide. I set one pixel move and one minute interval as including the calm-down time. My primary goal last night was what fine tuning was best possible with this particular EM10 mount.  Green shows DEC and RA is red.  Controller screen’s upper left of a right image (sorry, poor finish) shows 14 frames, 30″ exposure and 60″ interval.


At least this looks good enough to go ahead for the actual imaging.

BTW, I feel this EM10’s new driving system is responsive very much, especially comparing with my EM200.  I was feeling EM200’s guide correction was always time-lug because of old-fashioned geared motors. Instead, modern hybrid motors give the quick response to the mount gears. Now I think even switching new motors are just good value too.

Also this is the KODO controller’s polar alignment process – centering and aligning the Polaris into a circle. I think these are classic alignment procedure although I’ve never used other polar cameras like PoleMaster.

Anyway, SS-one + EM10 system gives me more fun to use. I like all features very much.



~ by tedishikawa on January 13, 2018.

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