SS-one + Takahashi Mounts

I resumed the field-test works. EM10KODO and BORG test.


Sorry, I can’t disclose a new BORG scope yet. KODO control program doesn’t support the western longitude yet. So I somehow let a controller learn the pseudo longitude. At least it seems to be temporarily working as expected.   0112a

And guiding looks good, barely DEC corrections. So the polar alignment should be good. A guide star might be over-saturated. So I need some more fine tuning. But even without that, the guiding looks good enough. Sidereal speed looks good. So this result has assured me this is my primary mount system now. I like EM200, but really heavy for me. Very reluctant to use. EM10KODO + metal tripod allows me to carry the whole system including a counterweight without disassembling. That’s perfect size and weight for me, and high performance electrically and mechanically. This encourages me to more enjoy the hobby. Thank you, Nakazawa san!

I didn’t try the dithered imaging last night. I will test this next time.

Also this is an another system.

I converted PM-1 DEC unit into a RA tracking mount. Because of originally DEC, it didn’t have a polar scope inside. So I added SS-one polar camera in front. As mentioned above, polar alignment program is not ready for the western longitude region yet. So I tested by same way. It was good as expected and guiding was good as well. Probably I can say this will be the ultimate portable mount in its class. Unfortunately a polar camera is not sensitive enough for the southern pole sky, according to Nakazawa san. So this will be limit to the northern hemisphere only though.



~ by tedishikawa on January 12, 2018.

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