HUTECH Office Move Clean-up Sale

  • BORG 50FL F8 objective lens : $185.00 (Some spots)
  • 0115a50 mm aperture, F8 and fluorite – as you can guess from size and f-ratio, virtually aberration-free optics was there at corner of the inventory shelf long time. Since LOGO print was not ready yet that time, I asked BORG to send it without a printed hood. But the optics is exactly same as commercial units. Still in good condition. There are some smudges though. Very light weight, 140g.Price was


  • KENKO Alt-az mount : $50.00 (demo)0118c
  • Losmandy piggyback mount : $30.00 (Unused. This is an old model. Current model should be DVCM)


  • Vixen zoom eyepiece 8 to 24 mm : $100.00 (No box, good condition. Used a couple of times only)


  • Shoestring USB guide port interface (GPUSB) : $45.00


  • Mr.Matsumoto-made binoscope platform with handle: $450.00 (Used as demo)


  1. 20mm inter-pupillary adjustment (144 to 164 mm center-to-center plate separation)
  2. Capable of handling 4″ class refractors (5″ BORG) – BB-160 class
  3. Collimatable vertically and horizontally
  4. Side plate allows to attach Vixen-compatible plate


  • COMBO Quark (Chromosphere) : $956.00 (Used only once for focusing test)


  • Daystar Quark original (Chromosphere) : $800.00 (Personally used several times. Still good condition)


  • ASI120MM (w/Japanese-made high-resolution fish-eye lens) : $100.00 (Personally used for testing)


  • ASI174MM : $400.00 (Personally used. Still perfect condition)
  • BORG 9857, M57 crayfod focuser : $250.00 (Brand-new)


Current 9857 page

This is the perfect match with Mini Borg configuration.

  • BORG 9000 Black BORG Main Unit : $550.00 (Brand-new)


Current 9000 page

  • Casady Dovetail Saddle for Takahashi EM 400/500 series 9″ long – $100.00 (Brand-new)


  • Casady Universal Dovetail Saddle 8″ long : $100.00 (Personally used)0108b
  • Casady universal dovetail saddle 12″ long : $100.00 (Never used, but some scratches)


  • CANON 24-105mm IS STM lens (originally as a part of 6D lens kit) : $400.00 (Brand-new. Includes CANON US warranty. No box)


  • Lacerta Standalone Autoguider Set : $500.00 (Personally used. Still working flawlessly. Highly recommended)



~ by tedishikawa on January 8, 2018.

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