SONY Medium Format Sensors

Recently SONY had the big announcement on the future sensor production plan. This info itself was seen in Japan this spring. So this wasn’t really new. But since announced in their English site, this road-map plan should be getting more realistic.


1st surprise to me was 100M- & 150M-pixel medium format sensors. And next was some of back-illuminated ones would be commercially available 2018! And furthermore, such large monochrome sensors will be available too. This announcement seems to me SONY have aggressively declared they will be dominant in all of the imaging sensor market segments from the consumer, surveillance, automobile to research and scientific field. After their struggling several years, I’m very glad to see their management strategy seems to be solid finally. I was told they planed to resume AIBO project too. Dear SONY, please show us SONY-like products more and more, like before.

BTW, in real world I understand it’s not affordable to me soon. But one day I wish to use IMX461 camera, Probably it should be 2nd generation of FUJI GFX.

BORG’s new reducer, expected to be released next year, is capable to cover IMX461.

Everyone, please purchase these cameras more and more, and let the price down to the affordable level for me, please.


~ by tedishikawa on November 13, 2017.

3 Responses to “SONY Medium Format Sensors”

  1. Good to hear that Borg’s new reducer will be able to cover IMX461. Please tell Borg that additional to the diameter of image circle, the back-focus distance is also important. I hope the back-focus distance can be large enough to be used on Pentax 645z, not just the GFX.

    I am using a 645z on astrophotography, and it performs excellently. Another good thing about it is that it is much cheaper than GFX. A good used 645z is even cheaper than the initial price of D810A, so I believe many people can actually afford it. The biggest drawback of 645z is its exceptionally large back-focus distance. If Borg can produce a reducer or flattener that can cope with this large back-focus distance, then there is a higher hope that more people will go with the 645z. This may indirectly lead to a lower price of GFX, because of competition.

    • Hi Wei-Hao

      Thanks for your comment. Good to hear Pentax 645z satisfies a high-end astro user requirement too. I’m reviewing the reducer’s drawing right now. Definitely BF is long enough. Also the internal diameter should be large enough for the deep flange back camera body such as 645z too. I’m sure BORG will prepare for both adapters for 645z and GFX. Please stay tuned at my blog.

  2. This is really excellent news!

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