BORG and IDAS Filter Boxes

Personally I like using two different filters for one target even with one-shot color camera. As well known, HEUIBII is a great filter to neutralize the back ground color with a modified DSLR while isolating Ha signal and maintaining star colors. Meanwhile LPS-V4 is a narrowband filter. It’s good to make faint emission sections higher contrast. So I hope blending these two good factors makes the outcome better. Here is one example.


So each filter should be swapped without removing a camera for the convenience.  This is BORG solution.


T male – 7528 – 7519 – 7522 – T female

An extra filter holder – 7518 makes the arrangement more convenient.

Total light path the above is 28mm. For example, if your camera’s flange back is 17.5mm and your telescope’s back focus is 55mm, AgenaAstro’s 10mm extension tube makes the length perfect.

Also currently IDAS is preparing for the dedicated filter box for ZWO and QHY camera, which allows to use Canon and Nikon lenses. Total light path is exactly designed based on IDAS 2.5mm thick of filters. So when a filter is inserted, light path becomes 44.00mm for Canon and 46.50mm for Nikon. So it’s perfect for BF distance sensitive lenses such as SIGMA Art Series. I will keep updated on IDAS filter box .


Mr.BORG – Noboru Nakagwa had great chance to take a shot for Air Force One from his house, just before touched down Yokota Air Force Base.


BORG 71FL w/7108 + Pentax K-1 body

Congratulations, Nakagawa san!!



~ by tedishikawa on November 8, 2017.

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