Aurora with Rainbow & Blue Moon Promotions

An experienced astro photographer in Canada, Yuichi Takasaka, also well known as an aurora photographer, shares his recent aurora pictures taken in Iceland. Some of them are taken with the lunar rainbow. Now I learned it is called “moonbow”. Very nice!!

110717a(Click to go to his gallery)

Also some of pictures show hint of Ha rebulosity as well as M31, M45 and double-cluster w/Perseus two nebulae. Great composing!

He has several aurora tour services every year. If someone are interested (yes, I am), contact to

Blue Moon Promotions

His pictures are often seen in Canadian astro magazine – Sky News.

He is currently preparing for time-lapse movie. I’m looking forward to them very much, Takasaka-san, all beautiful!!


~ by tedishikawa on November 7, 2017.

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