BORG Binoscope Systems

First, I’d like to thank you very much to all of new owners who have chosen BORG binoscope systems these days. I’m so glad I can share my great visual experiences with more other people. I’m pretty sure you are enjoying the incomparable visual observing you’ve never had before. Each system is fully capable of even pushing more than 200x magnification optically and mechanically. Please enjoy high power planetary viewing as well.

This is to summarize our system. BORG Binoscope system comprises following 3 key items.

  • BORG premium quality fluorite optics and precision helical focusers (1.25″ as standard)


90FLBINO1 + BB-140 + SB8bb-130711

71FLBINO1 + BB-130 + ALTM130 + HDL

  • AOK Swiss collimatable solid platforms


BB-130 with ALTM130 and HDL




BB-160 with HDL

ALTM & HDL as optional accessories


  • Matsumoto erecting mirror diagonals with mirror collimator



Missing one of above units never achieves the perfect binoscope viewing. So each is really essential.

** Platform collimations

Vertical direction


(1 – inter-pupillary adjustment knob)

Horizontal direction



~ by tedishikawa on November 6, 2017.

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