Total Lunar Eclipse – 2018

I noticed there will be two total lunar eclipses 2018. January 31 looks visible until the full eclipse ends here in my town. Somehow looks fortunate until the moon setting into the horizon or before the sunrise. Asia must be the perfect area in this event.

I link the simulation page below. Pre-check how you can see in your town.


And followings are example of proper exposure time suggested by BORG. (Verify and set your favorite exposures before the event)

1101b Proper exposure should be the key each time. Let’s enjoy the challenging part of exposure time setting with your own technique. Unlike total solar eclipse, we have pre-test chance in most of phases.

I wonder how my Promote Control works for the lunar time-lapse movie. This was an another purpose I bought this. So I’m glad I will have 2nd chance to use soon. I’m sure it still requires challenging. Now I need to carefully study what Promote Control can do for this purpose.

Anyway, it should be the fun opportunity.  To the lucky people within the eclipse territory, let’s enjoy this event!!



~ by tedishikawa on November 1, 2017.

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