MASUYAMA 16mm & Czech’s Pilsner

MASUYAMA 16mm is now in stock. It will be available at Agena from next week too. It was more compact than I thought. I like this cute size.


I was using a pair of them last night. Although eyepieces might not be the best match with BORG 71FL, I could enjoy super wide-field viewing anyway. I don’t have many experiences for super wide-field viewing. So this kind of FOV was quite fresh to me. Overall, it was very nice binoscope viewing. I will try the moonless night again.

For the moon, I used OR12.5. Although it was almost full moon condition, I didn’t feel the moon face looked flat much. I compared between a single scope and double. Binoscope viewing showed me more realistic image as 3D object. Obviously different. So I enjoyed the lunar viewing even in nearly full phase condition.


Mia’s friend who went Czech recently brought the Pilsner beer for me. I’m a West Coast IPA lover. So usually I don’t take Pilsner. But I knew the origin of Pilsner was Czech. So I was very much curious how the original Pilsner was, which I’ve never had the chance to try before.


Indeed, it was the best Pilsner I’eve ever had!! Quite tasteful and deep unlike most of other Pilner available around here. Probably this brewery might be an original supplier? It says “from 1842”. Wow!, it was still Samurai era in Japan.

Several years ago, my Japanese friend went to Czech only to drink Pilsner there. Now I somehow agree with his intention. Yes, the original Pilsner is very good beer. Even if a canned beer is tasteful, how I can image I drink it on tap there locally. Now I understand this is a real Pilsner. I have to change my mind on that.



~ by tedishikawa on October 6, 2017.

2 Responses to “MASUYAMA 16mm & Czech’s Pilsner”

  1. Hey Ted,

    I enjoy a good Pilsner, also, versus a good Lager.

    It’s difficult to find a good Pilsner here in the US. Any suggestions
    from anyone? Miller High Life is about the closest I can come to a
    decent, non-lite Pilsner.

    I’m not fond of IPAs, though. I’ve toured the relatively new Sierra Nevada Brewery on the French Broad River, right across from the Asheville, NC, airport. Sampled many of their IPA varieties.. None appealed to my taste. Have you tried any of their IPAs?

    Regards to you and Mia,


    PS: LOVE my new 90FL objective. For astroimaging, it really needs the FF/FR as does its smaller brother, the 71FL. due to coma in the corners. Both those Canon Japan lenses are truly outstanding. I so enjoy using them! Best contrast I’ve ever seen in a refractor objective.

  2. Perry,
    Thanks for your comment.


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