BORG 71FL Bino with BORG Fork Mount and Takahashi PM-1

I newly set up 71FL Binos. The whole OTA including a platform is 3.9kg. Tripod and fork mount is 5kg. So it’s about 9kg overall. Not too bad. I could easily carry all together.

The zenith is no problem either as shown above.

I also recalled Takahashi PM-1 mount could be converted into alt-az mode. So I tried with 71FL Bino as well.

I love it!! At least ALT is in the motorized tracking mode. Yes, drifting. But the sun was within FOV for a while. And dual slow motion controls were very convenient too for centering the target. So nothing annoyed. Personally I’m not a big fan for the electrical initial alignment. Although this doesn’t track the target correctly, it allows me to start observing instantly without star alignments and to still somehow track by a motor. This is definitely my favorite way as alt-az mount. I understand there are other EQ/ALT-AZ dual mounts in the markets. Those might be more electrically fancy. But obviously too big and heavy for me. So they are not my favorite.

This small and classic style of built-in battery holder controller is only needed.


And a following section is taken apart from the original PM-1 EQ configuration. As advertised, PM-1 is nicely designed for the versatility. I love this concept.


Today’s Bino visual experiences remind me of the extra value of Takahashi PM-1 mount. I’m feeling I got two mounts without major extra investment. The mount was not as stable and steady as double-fork. Yes, I knew that. So no complaining. But easy to carry and quickly setup for Bino. That’s the concept of this system. This might become my primary Bino system because of compactness and convenience. I will try under the night sky sometime soon.


~ by tedishikawa on October 5, 2017.

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