AIC 2017

AIC 2017 was held in San Jose over the last weekend. As always comfortable because done in hotel ballroom.


BORG Fluorite Family – 107FL. 90FL & 71FL (& discontinued 67FL as a guidescope)



Hinode Brothers – HSG, Hinode Solar Guider & HST, Hinode Solar Tuner



SS-one controllers ; From left, ZWO Image Capture, AG Element and KODO multi functional controller



SS-one mount – Expedition with BORG 90FL F4 and SS-one guider. The mount looks best match with Takahashi metal tripod and half pillar. So solid!!

As expected, a lot of people were seriously paying attention to SS-one mount – Expedition. It assured me our marketing direction was right. As one of users, I was looking for the premium and high-performance portable mount.  Yes, this is it. Please stay tuned on the progress of SS-one project.




Takahashi PM-1 mount and BORG 55FL F3.6 with SS-one Autoguider




Takahashi PM-SP EQ configuration




 Camera Rotator : Improved version is expected to be up end of the year. It allows to rotate a camera and a lens without losing the weight balance during image composing.



Following video shows 300x slew movement. You can see how quiet and smooth it is. This is not mute mode. So if you increase the volume, you can hear people’s conversation. Actually it’s too quiet to record the motor and gear sounds. Virtually none. It’s great achievement, Nakazawa san!!



~ by tedishikawa on October 3, 2017.

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