SS-one Controller – “KODO”

This is a multi-functional controller. KODO is described as “heartbeat=鼓動” in Japanese. So this is the core technology in SS-one project like our heart. Now available as a controller itself before the mount – Expedition gets ready, which is expected to be commercially available early of next year.


I think this is a 1st commercial unit which allows for the dithered imaging with two ZWO cameras at 5V power without PC. WiFi connection with a smartphone makes things just charm. It’s fun to play around. Besides 4 USB ports, there are 5 other ports numbering the above.

  1. To control DSLR cameras. Trigger to two cameras same time while synchronizing the autoguiding.
  2. For SS-one mount – Expedition
  3. To control a motorized focuser
  4. USB Type B for the power (when the mount and the focuser are not used)


Good news for SONY camera users. This should be a handy tool for SONY’s dithered imaging.

Part # SSKODO : $520.00

Although it is still in Japanese, I uploaded it at

KODO Manual

I thought each screen shot should be somehow useful for more your understanding.

One of BORG and Takahashi mount user – Arthur Klatt is traveling many places while taking BORG 77EDII and his EM11 along with PM-1 tripod and pillar. Here is his recent images.


Arthur, thanks for sharing with us. Very nice images!!




~ by tedishikawa on September 25, 2017.

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