SS-one Mount Expedition – 2

Probably this is the ultimate portable setup for the mount.


As expected (or a bit surprisingly), very solid and steady. As I was sure,  the tripod interface is so solid. Eliminating a tripod center column is the big factor for stability. There is nothing flimsy in this setup including the mount itself. All are promising!

The whole OTA set including a camera is 13lbs(= 5.9kg). A battery pack weighs 2.3kg. It’s a bit too fat for a battery holder though. Anyway this is temporary weight testing. Probably 1.0-1.5kg range should be something proper for most of OTAs. Two-shaft design is so clever, which prevents a battery from slipping around.

Following is a standard 1kg counterweight. If we don’t use a battery as a counterweight, this is just enough for most of setup. 55FL doesn’t require it


Nakazawa san, very nice!! I love this system as my ultimate portable mount for overseas expedition.

I updated SS-one autoguider price list. 75mm and 140mm lens kit are both same price, and big package discount with a controller. 75mm model is only interchangeable lens type.





~ by tedishikawa on September 23, 2017.

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