BORG Fork w/Tak Tripod & California Nebula thru BORG 55FL F3.6

I was shopping around to find out a reliable flat-top carbon fiber tripod for a coming-soon SS-one mount – Expedition.  I needed the flat-top type without a column.

But I realized Gitzo or RRS ones are more expensive than Takahashi metal tripod plus half pillar. I love those ones. So light and extremely solid. Even if I forced to twist or push it down, it had no flexture at all. Really solid. Half pillar is nice too. It gives more clearance space to a telescope and a camera. So I decided to make an adapter between Tak and SS-one.

Before SS-one mount is coming, I wanted to verify how much more stable BINO setup is with BORG fork mount too.

As anticipated, much improved. At least I couldn’t see noticeable flexure at tripod/mount side even if I forced to press the platform down. BORG fork mount is very solid-made too.

I tested with 2.4mm eyepiece. So it was 167x power. Twisting a helical focuser made some shaking. But stops quickly and nothing annoying, especially even at high power. Lower power?, no problem at all. A regular setup with a single scope shouldn’t be any issue.

If someone who own BORG fork mount are annoyed by shaking, take close look at tripod head. Mostly that’s weakest point. A fork mount itself is fully solid as mentioned above.

Don’t ask me, why a single scope on BINO platform? Simply I don’t have two 71FLs.  I’m still waiting for that.

A following picture was taken with BORG 55FL F3.6 and a modified 6D by Kamimura san in Japan.


I think usually we point this target with longer focal length. But wider FOV looks nice too since this picture shows various faint gas around that. I didn’t know that. This image assures me of nice field of view in full frame sensor at 200mm focal length, and very nice image finish!




~ by tedishikawa on September 15, 2017.

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