BORG Binoscopes

I reviewed all of costs and updated each price as follows;


Each BORG package is complete set including 4 of mounting rings and EMS1. Followings are some sample configurations.

  • xxFLBINO1 + BB-130 : for conventional tripod head
  • xxFLBINO1 + BB-130 + ALTM130 : for Vixen-compatible single fork mount
  • xxFLBINO1 + BB-140 + SB8 : for Meade LX-90/8″ mount
  • BB-160 is only  needed for other scopes other than BORG
  • Upgradeable to  2″-to-2″ EMSs with an extra cost
  • HDL fits BB-130 as well (the page will be updated later)

AOK-proprietary collimation mechanism is very functional.


  1. Inter-pupillary adjustment knob (only BB-130)
  2. Vertical adjustment (up/down)


3. Horizontal adjustment (right/left)

Generally these are one-time job when you setup scopes first time. Done! It’s quite simple, functional and rigid. Tune EMS mirror collimators at field and ready to enjoy collimated high-power binoscope viewing.


This picture still recalls me the spread-out powerful inner corona activity. I wish I share this unforgettable experiences with more people. Also try 200-300x planetary binoscope viewing. I bet you will be the binoscope addictive person who can’t go back to single scope viewing any more.


~ by tedishikawa on September 13, 2017.

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