SS-one Project to Come Real & BORG 7870

SS-one – PC-less project, Nakazawa san’s key concept is now more clearly showing up as a real product.


Main controller – one box does everything for GOTO, finder, guider, polar alignment, DSLR as well as ZWO camera, and motorized focuser. This is the product Nakazawa san was having as the primary goal like his slogan – “Smart, Simple and All-in-one”.  I fully agree with you. “One” should be able to be described as “only-one” too. As one of potential users, I sincerely applaud his achievement very much. It’s really great product, Nakazawa san!!

Followings are some screenshots.


And along with above smart controller, the portable mount – “Expedition” is unique too.


Battery holder as a counterweight, 3kg mount weight without motors (target mount weight is less than 4kg). A white paper is B5 size. You can imagine how compactly you can pack the mount in the check-in baggage for overseas trip. I’m excited his dream and goal will come real soon.

Unlike conventional GEMs, DEC section is a bit further from RA unit, which gives us more room for a scope and a camera passing the meridian without the equipment interference even pointing to north sky area. And low profile DEC unit reduces the counterweight as well. Very smart mechanical design too.

As I mentioned earlier, I plan to demonstrate the mount and the controller at AIC. Please come, see and enjoy SS-one taste.

This mount and controller really encourages me to go to Chile in 2019 or 2020 with this mount.

Attention to BORG users and dealers: I’m looking for a couple of BORG 7870 (0.7x reducer). If someone are ready to sell, send a private e-mail to me.



~ by tedishikawa on September 12, 2017.

3 Responses to “SS-one Project to Come Real & BORG 7870”

  1. Using the battery as counterweight is genius!!!!!

  2. Looks very promising indeed! Will there be a polar scope, or a possibility to add one?

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