BORG 107FL for the Saturn & 107FL BINO

Although it was a bit hazy sky over the last weekend, I was enjoying the observing of the Saturn through 107FL at 250x power with Vixen HR 2.4mm.

0911b It was great view as expected. The Saturn was clean and bright at 250x. But I’m now totally a “VR goggle-like binoscope addictive patient”. So single eye viewing didn’t satisfy me any more. After single scope viewing, I decided to start preparing 107FL BINO. I’m sure 107FL BINO will be easily My only concern is the weight. Heavier, more hesitating to use. That’s my concern. Still much lighter than any other brands in its class though.

Simply my primary goal is the high-power binoscope viewing for the planets. Double-fork mount is the stability king for this application.

I wonder how many people are enjoying the high-power binoscope viewing with the tracking mount in the world. Unfortunately I didn’t see many others even in Japan. Yes, there are many single-fork tracking mounts in the market. But it’s not stable enough for binoscope in my personal standard.

I’m not a GOTO-needed user at all as mentioned here several time. So the Meade mount I require is not GOTO capability. But the motorized tracking mount is mandatory for the comfortable high power viewing. So Meade LX mount is a must-item as double-fork tracking mount. Planetary viewing with 107 fluorite optics must be nice…….. I’m already excited.

To share my wonderful binoscope experiences with other people, I’m reviewing the BORG binoscope pricing these days. Price is generally double plus a pair of EMS, but the unforgettable visual experiences are priceless and for ever.



~ by tedishikawa on September 11, 2017.

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