My 2nd Binoscope

I have started a new project for 2nd binoscope system, which is more suitable for overseas expedition – 2019 or 2020 eclipse in Chile?, if I have the chance to go.

Anyway, my 1st choice was Mini BORG because of size and weight. And Among Mini series, 71FL is the largest. So I picked 71FL. From my experience of this year’s eclipse, I’m thinking 40x was a bit over-power. It was wonderful view for the details of prominence and inner corona as expected. But it was a bit too narrow FOV for corona. So I’m now feeling around 30x is something good number. Shorter focal length probably achieves that with same eyepieces. Or I should use larger AFOV eyepieces. Let me study.

Original AOK platform comes with Vixen-compatible single fork arm. So I modified the arm to replace with BORG Arca Swiss bar. An extra benefit is much lighter.  BORG’s fork mount is compact and so solid. So I wanted to use the mount. Slow motion controls are convenient too.

Unfortunately although I don’t have 2nd 71FL at this moment, everything looks fine. I can point to the zenith without any trouble too. The platform is about 1.5kg and a single scope w/EMS is about 1kg. So total will be 3.5kg w/2nd scope. No bad at all!! Actually this is quite easy to carry. So this grab-n-go system should be good for casual planetary viewing too.

Only weak point in this system is the tripod’s center pole. So one day I will get a tripod without a center pole.

I can’t go back to the single scope viewing any more. Binoscope-viewing during the totality made me feel viewing from spaceship window. It is really a kind of virtual really goggle for me.



~ by tedishikawa on September 9, 2017.

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