IDAS Nikon Full Frame Filter & D5.2 Solar Filter

I got a frame for Nikon D600. The effective diagonal is 42.7mm. I believe this is the largest possible size under several restricted factors and large enough in real world. 

As mentioned earlier, unfortunately it doesn’t “electrically”work with D700. Other models? we are not sure yet. At beginning, LPS-D1 and HEUIBII will be available. Filter is 1.1mm thick. If someone is looking for the perfect achievement, I recommend moving the sensor back 0.37mm further. It means 46.87mm.

BTW, now Nikon filters for D7000/7100/7200, D5100, D5200 and D5300/D5500 are in stock.

About solar filter, thanks for purchasing IDAS solar filter these days. I’m glad so many number of people have been chosen them. The stock of 82mm has almost run out. Only a couple units left over.  I’m sure all are enjoying the safety solar viewing as well imaging.

Meanwhile, before the eclipse, I was told many numbers vendors were trying to sell similar filters or glasses through Amazon. According to them, some were selling the fake solar glasses. So Amazon has recently set their safety standard and they require now ISO certificate or passing CE requirement to sell solar glasses. That’s fine to us although we don’t intend to obtain its certificate. But in order to clarify how IDAS filter is safe, I submitted following comparison data sheet to Amazon although Hutech won’t sell these filters through Amazon any more. Both of companies compared with are sold as the authorized Amazon products. Fortunately these companies’ data were publicly available. So I wanted to share the comparison data with IDAS solar filter users. Generally I don’t like the comparison since my business motto is always “only one”, not “best or better”.


From this data,

1) CE minimum requirement seems to be very dangerous. D2 in NER? wow, that doesn’t really good. So CE shouldn’t be the reference of the safety standard at all. I wonder who set this though. IDAS D12 while CE is D2 around 1000nm region.

2) ISO : dimmer in VIS and brighter(more transmission in UV and IR). IDAS goes completely opposite direction. VIS is brighter while UV/IR are extremely blocked. In fact, this is why IDAS solar filter shows us bright and clean image while maintaining the safety. UV and IR are more danger especially they are invisible in human eye. My understanding is “invisible” means “insensitive”. But still a particular amount of energy are coming to our eyes. So we don’t feel, but harmful energy must be piled up. As glasses, it might be good enough. But personally I don’t trust that either.

To IDAS users, you might feel this filter is heavier than normal glass. Yes, this is an industrial glass which is normal used in special industrial environments. So it is actually heavy. Such a glass itself plus IDAS proprietary coating and polishing technology creates bright and clean solar image while maintaining the safety for human eye. Please continue to enjoy with filters long time.




~ by tedishikawa on August 30, 2017.

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