Solar Eclipse Pictures & SS-one Project

Now many BORG users are sending or linking each image. Thanks for your submission. I’d like to share little by little here based on the order of incoming to me. All of images made me “corona sick” again. Please send the medicine to me too!!



BORG 90FL + BORG 1.4x TC by Fred Eiserling


BORG 76ED(17 years old!!, still an active player) by Max Mirot

Thanks, Fred and Max, All are very nice!!

SS-one project is ongoing and each product is getting refine more and more.

  1. Autoguider complete unit


Specs :

  • 140mm/F4.5 lens
  • Dew-heater slide switch


2. ZWO Image Capture DX



  • 5″ screen
  • Solid metal case
  • Integrated with autoguiding function, which allows for the dithered imaging with ZWO camera without PC
  • Auto dark/flat and composite process while taking new light frames
  • Time stamping without GPS unit
  • Auto filter rotation

This model should be really great features for ZWO users.

3. AG Pro/ KODO controller


This is the top of the line and a key item in SS-one project,  which controls the mount, GOTO, autoguiding, dithering for DSLRs and ZWO camera, focuser and etc.

I will keep posted more details on each of them. I plan to demonstrate them at AIC end of September.


~ by tedishikawa on August 29, 2017.

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