SONY LPS-D1 Now Ready, Nikon Update and BORG 55FL with Vixen 2.4mm Eyepiece

Finally LPS-D1 for SONY is ready. So now LPS-D1 and HEUIBII are both available. We are about to start shipping to each regional dealer. If you placed an order already, you should get the notice from them. Thanks for your patience.

Keep in mind, it requires the time-consuming work for building up one by one. So only limited number of units can be shipped each month.


And to Nikon users, I apologize to the continuous delay. At this moment, we can ship only LPS-D1, HEUIBII and LPS-V4 for Nikon D5100 body. For other models, please wait for next update news from me.

Last night I took 55FL out. It was 1st time for me to use 55FL for visual observing. After I began observing, I noticed 1.25″ diagonal I had was only an erecting prism. No mirror diagonal….  Anyway, I continued to observe, not disappointing at all as mentioned below though. I tried to see some of clusters. The sky was too bright by the moon and city light, and hazy. I could only see M22 with my 25mm Ortho. I wanted to see double cluster. But it was a bit too early.

Then, I switched to Vixen HR 2.4mm for the moon and the Saturn.  Wow!


It was 104x power. Still very sharp and bright entire eyepiece’s FOV. It looked turning down a bit lower contrast. I think it mainly came from an erecting prism. Imagine 100x view through an erecting prism. I wished to have a mirror diagonal. Anyway, 104x view for Saturn and moon was wonderful. Great views doesn’t make me feel boring during one hour at all. This is a cute premium scope in purely fluorite quality. I’m leaning to get HR 2mm for other BORG fluorite. The 2.4mm view encourages me to push more. I’m so curious what view 107FL and HR 2mm shows me. Brightness and high eye-relief doesn’t make me feel looking through an extremely short focal length eyepiece at all. Well comfortable. Vixen HR eyepieces seem to be the perfect match with BORG fast F-ratio fluorite family.

While using BORG fork mount, I realized I could use slow motion controls without tightening clutches. So if the scope is in balance, we can freely push/pull a scope and turn slow motion controls at same time without using clutches. This is very convenient. It’s shame, I didn’t realize that. Only clutches needed was when eyepieces were changed. The mount must be perfect match with 55FL and 71FL. High-power view-able grab-n-go system!!



~ by tedishikawa on August 9, 2017.

2 Responses to “SONY LPS-D1 Now Ready, Nikon Update and BORG 55FL with Vixen 2.4mm Eyepiece”

  1. Looking forward to receiving mine!

  2. Hello Ted.

    How can i go about getting this new body mounted IDAS HEUIB-II filter for my sony a7s?

    Kind regards, Josh

    Sent from my Samsung GALAXY S5 on the Telstra Mobile Network

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