SONY A7S & IDAS Body-mounted Filters

After discussing with several A7S owners these days, I noticed I didn’t clarify the important thing to the people.


IDAS body-mounted filters are optimized for A7S camera without two filters (LPF1 and 2). Simply saying, no filter version. In our Part #, it’s A7SH. As mentioned several times here, the modern lens design such as BORG 55FL F3.6 and SIGMA 14mm/20mm requires so critical back focus distance. Even 100 to 200 micron shift clearly shows distortion. Very sensitive!!

So IDAS body-mounted filters have been carefully considered for that kind of critical factor.


  • The filter makes the A7S’s flange back exactly same as original as manufacturer designed.
  • All of IDAS filters fully block UV and IR regions. So no two blocking filters necessary. Generally two filters makes things worse.
  • HEUIBII neutralizes the background color while fully transmitting at Ha. See at

  • Only drawback is no self-cleaning mode. But IDAS filter performs as dust protector. Moreover gives more benefits.

If you are looking for the ideal configuration, I highly recommend

A7SH2 for dark sky

A7SD1 for light polluted sky

This is not only the issue for the mod camera users, but also for the stocked camera too. When a body-mounted filter is set into the stocked camera, the flange back is really too short. Also no LPF#2 mod is problem either. It’s too long with IDAS, too short with IDAS. Very complicated. So best possible option is no filter version with IDAS.

So first carefully think about what your goal is before you go a particular direction.






~ by tedishikawa on August 7, 2017.

One Response to “SONY A7S & IDAS Body-mounted Filters”

  1. have i yet missed the release of the on body filter for my nikon d7100 ? this little guy is so awaited !

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