IDAS Solar Filter & M49.8 Spacer


Looks like more people have realized the level of quality and performance of IDAS solar filter. Thanks for choosing IDAS filter these days. This is an industrial special glass, so heavy. Yes, IDAS solar filter is quite safe and high performance as long as it is used “correctly”.

Recently we got a notice from Amazon, which was mentioning they forced to remove all of solar filter items from their site including your(IDAS) ones. Fortunately I don’t have any customer trouble. But I guess there might have been some. This was why Amazon completely stopped offering all solar filters at their site. Some ND filters are still popped up. But be careful if it is dense enough for solar use. Also you need to know it’s viewing-safe or not if you intend to use for visual observing.

Although I don’t have any issue, I wanted to make sure one more time.  IDAS solar filter 52mm is not intended for the use of drop-in filter of Canon or Nikon telephoto lenses.  It physically fits. But please don’t set a filter into that.

Please always set filters in front of objective lenses so that you can enjoy solar viewing as well as imaging without any concern.

BTW, each number on a frame describes

D5.2V : Density 5.2 in visual spectrum

D8U : D8 in UV

D9H : D9 in heat (IR)

I’ve never seen any other manufacturers clarify these specs.

I decided to take BORG 55FL F3.6 for nighttime use. I’m not sure I need a guide scope any way.

BTW, I carefully studied my SONY’s flange back distance. Since 55FL F3.6 reducer’s back focus is so distance-sensitive, I examined carefully and seriously 1st time. My SONY camera is a bit complicated. No filter in camera inside. But 2.5mm thick of filter outside, and the adapter is not ideal for this configuration. Surprisingly mine was 1.2mm too short!! It’s shame myself. Anyway, I set two different thick of spacers into BORG M49.8 section.  I will take a test shot with this to verify if my calculation is correct.

If some of BORG users have the back focus distance issue, please contact me any time. As long as it is shorter than ideal, I’m sure spacers should be the solution. Among BORG reducers, other than 55FL F3.6 are not critical much though.

If this setup is correct, extremely light path-sensitive SIGMA 20mm should work well too. Let me see. In fact, it was terrible before.






~ by tedishikawa on August 3, 2017.

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