IDAS Filter Updates & SS-one Portable Mount & Controller

Finally following filters are in stock.

  1. D1 and HEUIBII filter for Nikon D5100 (Part # LPS-D1-N3 and HEUIBII-N3)
  2. LPS-D1-82

And by end of this week, LPS-D1-77 and LPS-D1-EOS will come in stock too.

We begin shipping to each regional dealer too. So they should have in stock soon. Please contact them if you are waiting for these filters.

SS-one portable GOTO mount – Expedition looks one-step closer. The mount was publicly demonstrated at Tainai star party in Japan last weekend first time.


The scope loaded was Tak FSQ-85ED. According to their web site, it’s around 3.5kg, And a counterweight used in this picture was 1kg!! As you are aware, this counterweight shaft design allows to easily set the square body like a battery pack.

There are two major mechanical features.

  1. Closer(lower) pay-load point to the RA axis allows for less counterweight itself.
  2. DEC section moves more North side. Wider sky area for pointing a scope without meridian-flip.

3.5kg is heavier than BORG 107FL. So I’m confident Expedition should be easily handle BORG 107FL with a camera and autoguider too.

The target of the mount weight itself is 4kg or less. Tak PM-1 is 5kg. 4kg looks the perfect target point as good quality of portable mount, not too heavy and not too light. I feel the mount needs a certain level of weight for the stability.

And the controller – KODO looks almost commercially ready.

0730b Features are

  1. Pre-loaded planetarium software for GOTO
  2. Auto guiding while controlling with DSLRs or ZWO cameras
  3. Motorized focuser control
  4. Polar alignment
  5. And WiFi accessible from smartphone

As SS-one’s key concept, in fact it is “all-in-one”. Very nice!

The summary of SS-one items is SS-ONE.







~ by tedishikawa on July 30, 2017.

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