IDAS D1 Filter Availability & Panasonic GX8 HDR Brackets

Now I can specify the shipping schedule for IDAS filters. Following ones begin being shipped by end of this week.



LPS-D1-EOS (for Canon APS-C body)

D1 82mm and 77mm were out of stock more than half year. I sincerely apologize to all of customers and dealers who were waiting for. Finally they gets back to the market.

Now the rest of filters which are not available are for SONY and Nikon. We are doing maximum efforts to make all ready early of next month. Please wait for our next announcement. Sorry to SONY and Nikon users. At this moment, SONY HEUIBII filter is only in stock.
Some asked me to show how Panasonic GX8 worked HDR bracket with Promote Control. So I prepared the video.

It’s 12-stop(2-step each) brackets in 5-second interval. This is what I’m planning to do for the totality. I’m not sure it works. Also I might make mis-operation. That’s fine. There is nothing beyond human eyes.

Keep in mind, it’s not mute sound recording. You can see completely vibration-free bracket shooting. Thanks for mirrorless and electric shutter.





~ by tedishikawa on July 24, 2017.

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