Stand-alone AG Set

Last night I tested several things. Since I’ve never used PM-1 in dual-axes guiding mode, I wanted to test for eclipse trip rehearsal purpose. All went well. Especially what surprised me was SS-one 75mm lens. Very bright! It captures a lot of stars. I was using Kowa 75mm/F2.5. Obviously much more stars at same exposure and gain.


Good thing is the system is pre-focused at the infinity. So it’s actually ready-to-start condition. Here is AG Element screens during guiding.

0721a2-second exposure. At beginning, graphs show the calibration movement. Once the calibration is done, it automatically starts guiding. So this 1st guiding is done after just pressing one button – Calibration without focusing and picking a star.

Generally I prefer the longer exposure to reduce the affection of scintillation. But it seemed to be too bright. I just used the star the controller picked. I should select dimmer star or lower gain. Probably dimmer star should be better.

0721b 1-second exposure guiding. The star still might be too bright. But looks better than 2-second. Overall, DEC looks very stable as expected. that’s good.

When I was using Kowa 75mm, I didn’t see such number of stars. So I was surprised when 1st screen showed up. I feel this is very good lens as a guider.

0721cThe Mount was working as expected. I also made power test. I wanted to check how this small USB 5V battery handles all including dew-heater. It did. The battery provided the 5V power to the mount motors, AG Element, camera and dew-heater (thru AGE and camera). All still worked properly. I’m glad to know that result.




~ by tedishikawa on July 21, 2017.

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